• Vikrant Mehra

Finding a Mentor

The idea of a finding a mentor is something that's been rattling around my brain for the last couple of days.

I think we're fed this image of a mentor as your personal Obi-wan Kenobi - a professional parent-type figure, who's going to take you under their wing.

It's not necessarily true. You can have more than one mentor at a time, and approach them for different things.

More importantly, a mentor's age doesn't strictly matter, it's their experience that does. Although there is obviously a direct relationship between experience and age.

I suppose it's about where you've got allotted your 10,000 hours.

I get feedback on my D&D campaigns from a 14-year old DM who's been running games for thrice as long as I have.

I've also reached out to Jude Gonsalves with questions about UX at least once a week in the new year.

Or to Anand Vardhan as we sound off ideas for how to grow Mezami.

Not sure of how to start that conversation, or approach the person you want to learn from?

One message that I've found works is:

"Hey XYZ, if you've got some time today/tomorrow/next week, I'd love to pick your brain about <thing you want to learn>"

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