• Vikrant Mehra

Humility's overrated.

At least in the workplace.

Now that I've (hopefully) gotten your attention, let me be clear. I'm referring to a very specific kind of humility here.

Way too many of us never talk about our accomplishments until we're specifically asked to. And when we are, it's with this sort of self-deprecating "Oh you know anyone could have done it" tone.

I don't get it. There's no shame in taking pride in your work!

People around you aren't going to notice you doing a great job if you don't call attention to it. You've got market yourself a little.

Don't be obnoxious about it - but try calling attention to yourself during a wrap-up meeting to say something like:

"I'm very happy with how my project's been progressing. So far, we're XYZ% over targets."

You've worked hard. Own it!

What are you proud about today? Feel free to brag in the comments 😁

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