• Vikrant Mehra

Learning about female Bitcoin investors

I came across an interesting paper on Bitcoin investing while looking through my Notion today. It's a 2019 study, looking deeper into the differences in perspective between male and female investors.

Fair warning - this was an online survey conducted among American investors, all of whom had some experience with traditional investments. The numbers are, in all probability, vastly different when taking India as a whole.

Here's a quick by-the-numbers primer:

  • There are currently about ~21 million US investors who have bought Bitcoin at least once

  • Of the people surveyed, 43% of those who expressed interest in Bitcoin were women

  • A further 80% expressed interest in its growth potential, with 93% (!!!) indicating they would be open to investing if additional educational resources were made available to them

The interest is there, meaning the crypto community's next big win must come from education. This sounds obvious - and there are several brilliantly-made resources aimed at explaining how blockchain and crypto work. District0x is my person favourite, and does an amazing job.

Enough people know what Bitcoin is. We need to shift gears forward to how it can make an impact on your life as an investment.

Want to read the original study? I've linked the document here.

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