• Vikrant Mehra

Meeting the Digital Asset Think Tank

Over the weekend, I attended the first Digital Asset ThinkTank gathering. DAT is an open forum brought together by Rohas Nagpal to discuss the evolution of digital assets and the wider blockchain space.

We kicked off with an interesting framework to understand how digital assets could now be classified. From the image below, you can see that the impact of blockchain goes far beyond just crypto and NFTs:

El Salvador and its new Bitcoin bill were also discussed, which lead me to fascinating insights as to the second and third-order effects of Bitcoin now being considered legal tender. We still have more questions than answers today, but with new legislation being introduced and discussed every day, it's likely that we'll have those answers in real time.

Reach out to me on Linkedin or Twitter if you'd like to join our meetings! We're just getting started, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to contribute.

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